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I Love It LOUDcast

Oct 3, 2019

WOW WAS THIS AMAZING! On this installment Vinny & Pete sit down with life long friend, guitar player extraordinaire, 2 time Grammy Nominee, and owner/operator of JLM (Joe Lambert Mastering). Joe has been banding the strings since early childhood and has made a life and career playing, writing, and recording/mastering music.

We have an extremely enlightening conversation about our favorite guitar players and Joe drops in some amazing stories that had Vinny & Pete wide eyed!  This was supposed to be a normal length episode but then we looked at the clock and we had talked for 3 hours! So this will be a 2 parter. ENJOY!

Check out Joe's band "Big Shifter" and their 2018 EP Entropy (Part 1), available on Itunes , and all available music platforms


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