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I Love It LOUDcast

Nov 13, 2020

Hello? Are you still here? GOOD! See that wasn't that bad. Up next is part 2 and it's guaranteed to raise a smile and give you a chuckle in the midst of these crazy times ENJOY!

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I LOVE IT LOUDCAST, The only podcast that goes to 11

I Love It LOUD, Do You?

Oct 30, 2020

Life happens sometimes. We had take a break to deal with some personal issues in both our families that hit in the same week. BUT.. we are back and ready for the therapy that our sometimes rambling get together discussions provide. 

A little serious, most of the times not. We hope you enjoy our return with this special,...

Sep 18, 2020


Vinny took the approach of the 1950's T.V game show "This Is Your Life" and sprung some topics and questions about Pete's personal life.  Although reluctant at first, Pete settled in and exposed some great stories and interests. 


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Sep 8, 2020

Talk about two extremes?! That is what Pete & Vinny have in store for you on this installment of their 2 4 2zz day series

Vinny , again has a theme but its not what you expect, and these may be Pete's best recommendations to date

Find Out Enjoy!

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Aug 27, 2020

A Conversation with Keel/Cold Sweat's Guitarist/Song Writer Marc Ferrari - "Local Boy Done Good!" 

In this installment of the "I Love It LOUDcast" Peter kick starts his phone hanging skills with a conversation with Marc Ferrari. Guitarist, songwriter, actor, author, business mogul extraordinaire! 

Marc has done it all!...