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I Love It LOUDcast

Sep 19, 2019

We hope you enjoyed Part 1, Part 2 coming at you now. In this installment we have conversations with Michael Sweet of Stryper, Greg & Steve from the "Lipstick Panel" Podcast, our friends from "Growin' Up Rock" & "Ages of Rock" Podcasts, and Cheap Trick super fan Tracey Yeshulas

Can't wait for next year and Rock N Pod...

Sep 12, 2019

I went, I laughed, I loved it! Although Vinny was not in attendance I managed to have mucho funo anyway. Please enjoy this 1st of 2 installments chock full of conversations with Brian "Damage" Forsythe (guitar player from KIX);Phil Shouse, Jeremy Asbrock, and Ryan Cook from Thee Rock N Roll Residency (touring band for...